Hello my name is Michael H. Wilson (Mookie) and I survived a horrible accident in 2009 on the Massachusetts Turnpike that changed my life forever.  The purpose of this website is to share my story of overcoming that tragedy and how my family and friends helped me stay positive to do it.   I would like to positively inspire people through my story and how the “Power of a Positive Attitude & Thinking” helped me through my adversities.

We were told as children, and we tell the children of today, that anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it. Well the same applies to all of us.  Let me help show you how!!! My goal is to help others overcome their own personal adversities.   The events of September, 12th 2009 changed my life forever; now I’d like to help change yours.  I am available to come and share my message in person, please see my “Public Speaking” page above for more information.

As a result of my accident, I lost my left ear, broke my nose, lost my 6 front upper teeth & upper jaw bone, lost significant function of my right hand and have a decreased sense of smell, taste, and hearing.   I have had over 15 surgeries in the past 7 years, including multiple skin grafts, dental & facial reconstruction,  and some very risky and experimental procedures.  I miraculously never had one infection or setback.  I have made it through each one with flying colors and not just because of my great doctors but because I have had such a positive attitude through it all.   I truly feel that with the right attitude and support nothing is unattainable or insurmountable.

I asked my doctor one day about what I should expect when all is said and done.  He quickly informed me not to get my hopes up and that it was going to be a long road.  I just as quickly questioned, “Well, will I be able to ever play catch again with my son”?  “No” he replied, “unless you can learn to play left handed”!  This wasn’t an option for me and thus began my drive and determination to prove them all wrong.  My family and friends have been behind me from day one and without them I certainly would not be here today.  They made it possible for me to stay so positive and focus on my goals.  I took one day at a time and one surgery at a time. I always set myself up for success and, all the while, maintained my goal of playing catch with my son.  Today I’m here to tell you that I beat all the odds and statistics and am proud to announce that I can enjoy a game catch with my son anytime I want.

Miraculous is not my word, but rather, the word used by all my doctors, nurses, and therapists.  Miracle…yes!  Positive Thinking & Attitude…Positively!  See the “My Story” page for a complete account of my story.