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I believe all things happen for a reason, and although completely horrific, the afternoon of September 12'th, 2009 changed my life for the better and for many others I believe as well. What you’re about to read might be difficult, but imagine being me...if I can live it, you can read it.

Daily Inspirations

You can't be successful in life without the proper "Motivation". Sometimes you need family, sometimes you need friends, and sometimes you just need the smile or friendly gesture of a perfect stranger to help make your day!

Continue reading how to make each day -"INSPIRATIONAL!"

Positive & Inspirational Speaking - Book Me Today

I share my Inspirational story and overall Positive energy with others. I donate my time & am available to speak to patient support groups, schools, private organizations, and any group of people who feel they could benefit from my story and experience! A small donation to charity is requested but not required.

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Your story is truly awesome and inspirational, Michael. I hope more people get the chance to hear you speak and share your story of how you continue to succeed to newer heights. Well done!

Molli Grant Cahill

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