Make each day of your week “Inspirational” for you and the lives of others.  You can’t be successful in life without the proper “Motivation”.  Sometimes you need family, sometimes you need friends, and sometimes you just need the smile or friendly gesture of a perfect stranger to help make your day!!!

Motivational  Monday:  Be encouraging.  Your support could be what is needed!

Terrific  Tuesday:  Wake up, stand in front of the mirror, and think of something that’ll make you smile…It’ll carry you through the day!

Wondrous  Wednesday:  Feel extraordinary today, Act like you can accomplish anything…and you will!

Thoughtful Thursday:  Go out of your way to do something thoughtful for someone…It’ll make you both feel good!

Friendly  Friday:  Be especially friendly to everyone…Your overwhelming persona will be infectious!

By living any one of your days like this could truly change yours or the day of someone else.  By living your week like this could change yours or the LIFE of someone else.  Imagine how it would feel to know you truly made a difference?

The “Straight A’s” to the Test of Life

I. Adversity

a.  We all have them to different degrees…you’re not alone
b.  However, no 2 are the same
c.  Comparing won’t help you, your bottom is your bottom (today)

II. Acceptance

a.  Own the good and the bad
b.  Denial won’t help anyone
c.  Deal with what’s been dealt you and drive through it

III. Adapt

a.  It is imperative
b.  Acknowledge the results
c.  Learn from your experience

IV. Attitude

a.  Be positive, easier said than to accomplish but it is infectious
b.  People enjoy being around positive people with healthy attitudes…be one
c.  A positive attitude could be the key to overcoming many of life’s challenges

V. Appearance

a. Be proud of who you are and project that
b.  How you appear to others will be reciprocated in their interactions with you
c.  Treat others as you would want others to treat you
d.  To be happy on the outside you need to be happy on the inside and visa versa

VI. Appreciation

a.  Take nothing for granted especially those around you
b.  You’re not lucky, you’re fortunate
c.  Remember life is a gift and everyday our present to ourselves


*** Don’t be afraid to ask for help and accept it…
we are not alone in life! ***